Owner's Representation

The main focus of an owner’s representative is to protect the owner’s interest in the construction process.  These services should assure the owner’s stated goals and objectives are met and/or exceeded.  Owner’s representatives should act as an extension of the clients’ organization and, as such, are expected to protect the clients’ interests and resources.

Owners are not always in a position to dedicate the necessary internal human resources required to manage a specific construction project.  In those instances, an owner’s representative is crucial to meeting the clients / owners goals, constraints, agenda, and concerns.  Harbour takes the role of the owner / client agency agreement very seriously, working with the client to set responsibilities, parameters, and expectations.

Harbour provides a wide range of services that allow owners / clients to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of projects and/or initiatives.  Harbour can represent your interests and we can help you more effectively manage your project, saving you valuable resources, time, and costs.


Benefits of hiring an owner’s representative:


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