It is the intent of Harbour Contractors, Inc. to provide a safe working environment for employees, other project personnel, and our clients’ employees as well as the public.  Every effort will be made in the interest of accident prevention to ensure a safe job site.

Our company's safety program, while covering all anticipated risks, is a work in progress as we continue to strive for "0" accidents, "0" incidents.  Accidents can be avoided.  They do not just happen.

Our motto, "Work Safely or Not At All" is never more meaningful than when it is applied to our safety culture. It is through cooperation and common goals that excellence in safety is achieved. One must think to work safely and we must think to help the people around us work safely as well. Our challenge is the same every day: to send our employees home safe and whole at the end of their shift.  It is a challenge we readily accept.

To this end, Harbour Contractors develops a Safety & Loss Control Site-Specific Accident Prevention Plan for each project  The plan represents the fundamental basis for safety on each specific project by providing the necessary link between the real world and the theoretical world in which design documents are created.

The purpose of the Safety & Loss Control Site-Specific Accident Prevention Plan is to provide for the systematic identification, evaluation, and prevention or control of general workplace hazards, specific job hazards, and potential hazards that may arise from foreseeable conditions.

The Safety & Loss Control Site-Specific Accident Prevention Plan will be prepared for each project so that each Harbour employee and subcontractors' employees will have a reference as to what is expected of him or her with regard to safe working practices on a Harbour Contractors, Inc. project job site.

The Safety & Loss Control Site-Specific Accident Prevention Plan establishes the duties and responsibilities of the field supervisory staff, as well as the basic procedures to be followed by each Harbour employee and all subcontractor employees. The regulations and objectives are to help assure the health and safety of each employee, their fellow workers, all persons authorized to be on the job site, and the public.

In the preparation of the Safety & Loss Control Site-Specific Accident Prevention Plan, every effort will be made to be complete, yet practical.  It is the explicit intention of Harbour Contractors, Inc. that each program, policy, and procedure described within the program will be comprehensive and complies with all applicable current laws.


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